I was shivering, i didn’t know what actually was going on around me, my head felt very light, what at all could be wrong with me, wrapped with three blankets on my orthopedic mattress. Life is really miserable.

Someone who could do all his activities yesterday is now finding it difficult to even sit. It was the middle of the month and getting money to seek urgent medical attention was out of the options. A professional mathematics and science teacher in the sekyere east district and i can’t even boast of 5cedis,these thought made me shiver even more. The heat from inside of me could roast cassava.

What am i going to do?.

Who will even help me up in this my miserable state.

The question i kept asking myself. Help doesn’t seem to come when you need it most.

Most people say they loose appetite when they are sick, but mine is directly the opposite. i can really eat a lot when am sick only to finish and vomit all away. with this state eating is out even if i wanted to,who will be willing to come take care of me. And if the person is willing how am i going to get in touch with that person.

i tried calling one of the lady teacher in my school to seek permission from the headmaster to come and prepare some porridge for me, but thanks to MTN, all i heard was “YOU HAVE NO CALL CREDIT IN YOUR MTN ACCOUNT, PLEASE RECHARGE AND TRY AGAIN”

This telecommunication people are heartless oo. They want me to suffer alone unattended to. I smiled, because i remembered MTN has a service that allows you borrow credit and pay later. I dialed the short code, but it will not go through… Ah! what at all is wrong?

I got a message from MTN saying that until i pay the previous credit i borrowed i can’t get access for a new one.

EI ASEM NI! When did i borrow credit that i don’t even remember. hmmm

oh! oh! oh! it was the day after yesterday, i had to make some unnecessary call so i borrowed something little.

this is definitely bad luck. I can say for sure that the witches and wizard in my family have a hand in this. i laid there quietly, thinking of my next plan of action. Should i gather strength and go and prepare my porridge? another voice whispered to me saying ” strength from where?” i agree more with the second voice.

i can’t even sit how much more stand not to talk of walking but if i don’t who will? I did my best to sit while still covered with my three blankets. i really looked miserable from the mirror facing me directly when i sat down on the bed.

My skeleton could be clearly show from the blankets, my hair was all bushy and my cheek has felt down flat like the breast of an 80 year old woman, my forehead was showing my skull,my eyes which protrudes on a normal day was now deeply burried in the eye socket. what could be wrong with me?

As i sat down the thoughts of different diseases quickly flashed through my mind.

Could this be the symptom of Ebola, if it is so why am i the first person t o contract it in the whole of Ghana since it is not detected here yet. I quickly discarded the Ebola idea, i had no intention of shitting blood and vomiting my heart out. The thought of HIV/AIDS quickly sprung through, i quickly rejected it as soon as possible. I said to myself “new thought”.

The shivering too can be a symptom of malaria. If this is true how will i be able to afford the drug in the first place. I stood up from my bed and was now ready to take my first step. i felt very weak but i had no choice. little by little i got to the kitchen, took a lump of corn dough, mixed it with water and added a little salt, turned on the gas and placed the silver on the stove,i gradually stirred the solution on fire but something was not right, the fire from the gas was not all that strong even though i have highed it to the maximum.

Could it be that the gas is getting finished? and it didn’t get any other day to finish than today that i feel miserable, weak and hungry? i prayed that if the gas will even finish, it should at least take me through my porridge before it goes off for good. i didn’t even shout AMEN! and the thing was long gone.

Was i been hexed? The devil is a liar! I shook my head in pain and went to bed again in my miserable state. I could hear a voice from afar.

Is someone calling my name?

I laid there quietly and lo and behold it was ATAMPURI MAHAMA. a JHS pupil in the school i teach.

He has been sent by the headmaster to ask why am not still in school. i told him my problem and this child said “sir! i think is malaria and if its actually malaria i can help”


His father is a herbalist, for that i know but never knew this child has learnt the study of herbalism from his father.

he quickly rushed home and prepared me a hot pot full of traditional medicine. He said he had combined five powerful herbs to prepare this medicine and it will give me instant relief when i take some as soon as possible. Am not a fun of traditional medicine and never also trusted anyone no matter how convincing their statements may be.

But this time i was willing to make an exception. I took a cup full of this freshly prepared medicine. The scent alone was soothing to the sense of smell. As the old adage goes ” never check the depth of a river with both feet”, i decide to take a sip first and find out how it is before i will gulp all.

you should have seen my face when i took the sip. it was bitter but i can’t let this small bitterness hinder me from full recovery, so i drunk all. In about ten minutes time i started sweating like a pregnant fish, was urinating every two minutes, my sickness was going down,i could feel it feel it.

WOW so we have all this herbs around and we still fall sick?

i thanked my student Atampuri for a good work done. He was my savior that day.

He made me see the true magic in our herbs.




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