Most men want to marry virgins.

but are we leaving the young girls alone?

There was only one person i trusted in my whole life to be a virgin, but got the shocking news of my life when she sent me a message saying “BIG BROTHER, IS IT NORMAL TO FEEL PAINS DURING SEX?”


This girl has really surprised me. the only virgin i know in my life is no more.

What happened to how she felt happy and cherished this virginity almost everyday. I thought she meant it, but she was all this while taking me for a fool




  1. Yes there are still virgins left. However, I don’t believe that most men do want to marry virgins, or at least, I don’t believe that it should be the deciding factor in a relationship. While I believe having sex to be something that should be considered carefully, I don’t think that this kind of pressure on the importance of virtue is healthy in the twenty-first century.

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    1. That is wonderful dear Carol, at least i can have a peace of mind. i thought virginity should be the top priority but it seems the 21st century doesn’t really care much about that.
      i think i should get that renaissance period idea from my head, and let my little sister enjoy life while she still can.


  2. I know a few. But, really, virginity holds you back. I don’t think you need to have sex with everyone, as it’s a beautiful experience when you have it to share with just people you love, but when you do have love it’s a fantastic release to share the deepest parts of yourself with someone (literally and spiritually). Perhaps your pain comes from your view of virginity.

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    1. Exactly Hayli, my pain comes from my view of virginity, i thought it was something big to treasure but looking at the rate it is being lost these days, i think i have to get a different view about it in order not to feel the pain again or to make the pain less

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  3. Hmm sorry. Upon careful thought, i think life is too short to be cherishing virgintiy for a longtime,when you think you are of age and can do it, nothing should stop you, find the one you love and explore. you may never know when it is your last.


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